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Now a certified veteran in the league that’s entering his 9th season, Cam Newton continues to rely on his footwork to elevate his game. That special quality in his game is what helped him become a a three time Pro Bowler and a 2015 MVP. He’s also changed the perception of how the quarterback position can be played using a combination of strength, quickness and confidence.

Looking to take his game to the next level, Cam Newton sat down with Under Armour to create an innovative cleat to help him reach these goals. Today we take a closer look at Cam Newton’s signature UA C1N MC cleat courtesy of Under Armour.

The UA C1N MC cleat is what Cam Newton will be wearing during the upcoming season. The cleat is said to be engineered to enhance Cam Newton’s playing style. It’s meant to provide you with the feeling of a track spike with the secure fit of a work boot. This is done by utilizing a slip-on knitted bootie with a molded ankle collar to give you that nice and snug fit. If you take a closer look at the upper, you’ll fins what Under Armour is calling a next-generation lacing, TPU tabs and a ghillie system that also helps in keeping your feet secure, no matter how fast your moving on the field.

If you take a look under the cleat, you will find a lightweight carbon plate that creates enhanced traction on the field. This gives Cam (or you) the ability to quickly step forward when you got a bunch of lineman trying to take you down to the ground. The cleat also utilizes a strategically placed mixture of bladed and conical studs that help increase your ability to quickly stop and switch directions on the fly.

Adding a bit of Cam Newton’s style to the cleat is the 1ØV£ text written down the heel tab – the common signature we’re used to seeing in Cam’s social media posts that’s meant to challenge us to be better than yesterday.

For those of you in need of a new cleat for the upcoming season, Cam Newton’s signature UA C1N MC cleat is now available on in adult and youth sizes.

via: UA

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