The Converse First String CONS One Star 74 Brookwood Camo Pack is the latest pack set to release coming out of the Converse line. Looking to switch things up a bit, the brands premium First String line is set to release new iterations of the CONS One Star ’74.

The Brookwood Camo pack is said to honor the first and original One Star from 1974 by re-imagining the model with Brookwood Companies’ COVERT camo, the U.S. Army-approved textile. The shoe will come in a darker and lighter version of the came while eing complimented by two different shades of off-white placed on the sole of the shoe. Look to pick these up beginning tomorrow at participating retailers.

via: UBIQ

Author’s Take

Not a big fan of the model or the type of camo used on the shoe. Cool way to pay homage to the shoe, but it’s not something I see myself picking up.

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