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There’s no doubt in my mind the adidas XENO technology is one of the most neck-breaking motifs that any brand has ever created. Something about those bold aesthetics that demand everybody’s attention. Now the same adidas XENO technology is making their way to adidas baseball cleats.

What you see above are pairs of the adidas adizero Afterburner 3 and the adidas Energy Boost Icon 3 dressed up in XENO uppers. The Black base of the shoe comes covered in the iridescent aesthetic that make the shoe shimmer every time lights touches them and they come alive the help of camera flash. Both pairs released today, are you going pick up a pair to help you stunt while doing your thing on the diamond?

via: adidas

Author’s Take

XENO is dope and I’m glad to see it being utilized on baseball cleats. I don’t play baseball, but if I did, I’d definitely pick these up.

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