Sneaker Lingo is BACK! 

Every fortnight we try to school you guys on the international sneaker lingo so you don’t sound like a nark when you rapping about sneakers. Here is this week’s lesson. 

1’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s

Jordans are made every year, and they are numbered. The ones Jordan played in are especially popular like the Jordan 1’s, 3’s, etc. When you hear “yoooo those tens are dope”, they’re usually talking about a Jordan 10.


Another slang word for an outfit. “That’s a fire alphet”

Friends and Family

When a pair is stupid rare. Public School often releases F&F pairs of redesigned Jordans. Runs can be as small as a few pairs and are gifted out to friends and family.


Clothes yo. Clothes. Like, I only wear Fire GARMS. Don’t let your parents dress you in garms that aren’t fire.


Also Known As, Doernbechers. A line of sneakers created for charity that goes to the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Usually highly sought after and immorally priced in the resale market.


A sneaker that was produced with the intention to physically see how the style, materials, or design would feel and function.

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