Every culture has its own unique slang that helps the dedicated connoisseurs stay in tune with what they love to do. Sneakers aren’t much different, fanatics use terms on a daily basis to communicate with each other.

As the Kings of Sneakerwear, we’re here to school you on all of the trendy words that fuel sneaker culture.


The Hyperstrike is the most limited of releases, and it generally drops without warning. Basically, if you’re reading this and not in line, camped out and roasting marshmallows right this minute, you are too late. Hyperstrikes are kept under wraps as long as possible and released in extremely limited numbers, sometimes only to friends and family. Tough luck, mate.


Obviously it has nothing to do with Drake and Future, but you should know this but common sense isn’t always common. The now-iconic Jordan logo was the brainchild of Nike’s Peter Moore, silhouetted from a rookie photo shoot, and most famously debuted on the Tinker Hatfield designed Air Jordan III.

AF1 – Air Force 1

One of the first trend-setting shoes that comes in a traditional white/white colorway and over 3000+ random colorways. The shoe is produced by Nike and is one of the best selling shoes of all time.


We all got a Beater, trust me. A Beater is a shoe that’s worn without care, usually a shoe that you wear all the time. This is also the same shoe you don’t mind getting stepped on, scuffed, or dirty. Strictly for the streets!


If anyone ever runs up on you and tells you that your kick game is Fugazi, run home and call help quick fam. Fugazi means that your joints are fake or counterfeit; we don’t endorse Fugazi-ness around here. We keep it authentic!


To cop something is to buy.

Sneaker 101 dusted, keep it locked to the blog for next Sneaker Lingo lesson to keep you clued up on the lingo and in the know.

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