Over the last few years, the topic of “grey market” sneakers has becoming a stirring debate in the sneaker community, and many question if these pseudo-legit pairs are considered authentic products of Nike, Jordan, and adidas. If it came from the same factory that produces the pair that you bought directly from Nike SNKRS or your local shop, why shouldn’t it be considered real? This been a concerning issue in the sneaker community as well as one the brand level; recently Nike worked with the feds to put an end to Supplied PDX, a source for “early pairs” that have had their legitimacy questioned from the get-go. Well, Hypebeast dissects this issue a bit deeper and claims that it’s pretty black and white – it’s real if it came from a retail/brand source, and fake if you’re paying some random dude over Instagram. Read the full piece over at Hypebeast now.

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