RISE Co-Founder, Chase Peso, said of his time in the Middle East with the United States Air Force that, “The desert envelops and surrounds you, becoming an endless plain of sand and rock. It all begins to blend together. You could travel miles and the terrain would look like you never moved an inch.” Channeling his personal experience into the very limited RISE x Brandblack Desert Mirage, Peso has created a physical tribute to those who still serve overseas and continue to risk their lives for those back home.

The thought process behind the collaborative take on Brandblack’s Mirage silhouette represents both environmental and political themes. The sneaker was pared-down by Peso to its most minimal form, removing emphasis on stitching and panels in favor of a camo suede upper that wraps the shoes in an all-over print. The only visible breaks are the tonal tongues and heel tabs, which give the silhouette a streamlined finish. Where the print represents the desert backdrop of the Middle East, the embossed logos on the tongue represent the military. On the left shoe, Peso’s rank in the Air Force is paired with a basketball representing Brandblack creating a unifying logo for the collab. While on the right, a quote from writer and historian Will Durant reads, “Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.” Completing the monochromatic accents, RISE is branded on the heel tabs of the sneaker.

The special edition Mirage is limited to 240 pairs worldwide and is priced at $150 USD. Take a detailed look at the shoes above and visit the RISE website to purchase them tomorrow, July 15, at noon EST.

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