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After getting a first look at the upcoming collaboration between Rise NY and BrandBlack, we now get a full look at this collection that will be releasing later this week.

This collection between Rise NY and BrandBlack will include apparel as well as a special edition of the BrandBlack Mirage. The sneaker takes inspiration from Rise NY’s owner Chase Peso and the four years he spent serving for the United States Air Force and the two tours of duty he did in the Middle East. The shoe features a camo printed suede on the upper using a distinct color palette to reflect how the heat and sand and dunes of rock begin to appear to the eye over time. The left tongue features a four stripe chevron to represent his rank with the traditional star of the chevron being replaced with a basketball to pay homage to BrandBlack’s basketball roots. The right tongue then sees Will Durant’s famous quote “Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance” debossed. The interior lining is finished in calfskin leather, and the outsole features the brand’s dual durometer injected Jetlon technology.

The Rise NY x BrandBlack Desert Mirage will release in-store at Rise NY on Thursday, July 14th at 5 PM EST on a first come first serve basis. That will then be followed up by an online release on Friday, July 15th at 12 Noon EST on RISE45.com. This collaboration will be limited to only 240 pairs worldwide and will retail for $150.

via: Rise NY

Author’s Take

The story behind the shoe and the small details are what make it special. If I would have seen this shoe on the shelf I wouldn’t have been able to know about that but now that I know it gives much more meaning to the shoe. Great collaboration by Rise NY and BrandBlack.

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