Looking for ways help improve the way you play, save some battery, and perhaps some hints? Well look no further:

  • Click the Pokeball on the middle of the screen, settings, and make sure “Battery Saver” is on, it will darken your screen when you put it down, but it will vibrate if a pokemon shows up (you have to turn this on every time you start the game
  • “Transfer” is a method where you remove an extra Pokemon and recieve a candy for it
  • If you do not choose a starter you can get Pikachu as your starter
  • Go ahead and copy your e-mail/username to help quicken the process for when the servers go down
  • Joining a team: at level 5, head to the nearest gym and you will be prompted to join a team. Be warned your decision is permanent, so choose wisely!
  • Though it may be cool, turning off AR for battles helps tremendously as 1. It saves battery and 2. The pokemon becomes easier to catch as it doesn’t move around
  • When catching a Pokemon: Green = easy catch, Yellow = moderately hard catch, Orange = hard catch
  • If an orange catch shows up, i would highly recommend (if you have them and want to assure capture) to use a Razz Berry as they work wonders for catching Pokemon
  • Nearby Pokemon: The feet below the Pokemon indicate how far they are, click on the Pokemon you want to find and head in any direction if it is the right direction the tiny grey box will give off a glow. Also if the footprints reduce by one, that is a good sign. If not, try a different direction (fair warning the system is pretty wonky spent 30 minutes trying to find a kingler and it never took me in the right direction)
  • Gyms: There are no such things as unbeatable gyms, if a Pokemon gets stuck with 1 hp, go ahead and restart your game. If you enter the battle and after the words GO appear it takes you back to the menu, restart the game. Remember to hold down to use your second stronger move.
  • If a Pokemon needs 50 candy to evolve you should need to catch 13 of that Pokemon  (each catch gives 3 and you get 1 when you remove it) 3 x 13 + 12 (you’ll keep one to evolve) = 51, You will need 16 if the Pokemon has two evolutions (one for 12 and one for 50) 3 x 16 + 15 = 63
  • Pokestops can be visited again after 5 minutes, however it will sometimes tell you to come again later if you visit too often
  • If you own any gyms, make sure to click shop and on the top right corner there will be a shield icon. Click that for a few shop coins and stardust every 24 hours as your Defender Bonus!
  • If you have friends, if 1 of them uses a Lure Module at a Pokestop, everyone near by will be able to benefit for the entire time!
  • Eeveelutions: Jolteon comes from Eevee with Body Slam, Vaporeon from Eevee with Swift, and Flareon from Eevee with Dig! (This is a theory still remains to be fully proven, but has shown results)
  • Unlocks: Unlock Razz Berry at level 8, Super Potion at Level 10, Great Balls at Level 12, Hyper Potions at Level 15, Ultras Balls at Level 20
  • You will reach a point where you can no longer catch all Pokemon or else you’ll run out of Pokeballs, make sure to run from Pokemon you do not wish to catch (you’ll reach that point quickly with Rattata).

Best of luck to you out there trainers!

Also! If you miss a Pokemon while throwing a Pokeball, tap the pokeball quickly before it disappears (if its still visible) So you can get it back!

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