For those of you that were lucky enough to pick up the Air Jordan 12 Wings through the Nike SNKRS app, you should have hopefully received you pair by now. Like most people, I was left empty-handed but just like every other release that I miss out on I’m over it now.

As soon as people started getting their pairs one of the first things they were checking was what number pair they received. The most coveted pairs are number 1, 23, and 12,000, for obvious reasons. The person who ended up with number 12,000 /12,000 has now listed them up on eBay. They’re a size 10.5 and are currently listed for at a buy it now price of $4,500. Do you agree that certain numbers are worth more than others or is every pair the same to you?


Author’s Take

With such a limited shoe like this I don’t think it should really matter what “number” pair you get. I would have been happy with just being able to get a pair in my size. I wonder if someone will actually pay the $4,500 that this guy is asking for though.

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