Nike continues to be the cream of the crop. Although adidas and Under Armour are making moves, they’re still not anywhere near the success that Nike is currently experiencing. Looking to get even better and create a wider gap between them and their competitors, Nike plans on spending around $40 million to expand their airbag factory located in Beaverton, Oregon.

In an attempt to speed up production and innovation space, Nike hopes that this $40 million investment produces even more of the small bags that are used to create their iconic Nike Air cushioning systems. According to Oregon Live, Nike plans on doing a 140,500-square-foot expansion to the already existing 217,000-square-foot facility. All this will be done by subsidiary Nike IHM. No word on how many more jobs this expansion will create, but we do know that the expansion will also include 363 spaces. It’s also worth mentioning that last year, Nike announced plans to move 10,000 manufacturing jobs to the United States.

via: Oregon Live
h/t: SC

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