It seems like everyone who created a Nike Kobe 11 Mamda Day iD is finally receiving their pairs after a long two month wait. Even our very own Juan did a live unboxing of his very own Nike Kobe 11 Mamba Day iD to show the world what his pair ended up looking like.

Now that you have your prized possession in hand, what are you going to do with them? While many people will immediately place the shoes on their feet, there are also many who treat at as an art piece. If you happen to fall on the latter category, we have just the thing for you to help display these bad boys.

Looksee Designs is a company that creates premier LED display and storage cases. Their latest innovative design had them create an ideal display case for the Nike Kobe 11 Mamba Day iD. The images above show that their display case is customized with a laser print that perfectly matches the Mamba Day print on the shoe. The end result is a perfect way to showcase your shoes. Want a display case to help show off your Kobes? Head on over to Looksee Designs’s website to get all the information needed to order a pair.

via: Looksee Designs

Author’s Take

Very dope. If you see your shoes as art, make sure you treat it like it. This display is the perfect compliment to help showcase your sneakers.

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