A week from now, adidas Skateboarding will be debuting their Away Days film, a multi-year journey that takes some of the biggest names in the sport and puts them in locations both familiar and unfamiliar. It speaks to the global view that adidas takes and how the brand is universal yet unconventional at the same time. There are spots all around the world that are known for being fantastic places to skate; Away Days goes there and goes beyond that as well.

To celebrate the Los Angeles premiere (which we will be attending), we received quite the care package from the three stripes. Unboxed live on Facebook, Periscope and Snapchat, the package not only includes the special white and gold Away Days version of Adi-Ease Premiere, but also a photo art book, a soccer-styled jersey and a scarf for those away days when we’re not in Los Angeles. Because wearing a scarf in LA in the middle of May is just weird. Check out the video unboxing replay above and be sure to follow us everywhere on social because you never what else might come through the KoF Mailbox.

adidas Away Days Package 11
adidas Away Days Package 18
adidas Away Days Package 17
adidas Away Days Package 16
adidas Away Days Package 12
adidas Away Days Package 13
adidas Away Days Package 14
adidas Away Days Package 15

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