Last week we saw Nike unveil their latest collaboration which featured the Nike Kyrie 2 joining forces with Krispy Kreme donuts. The Nike Kyrie 2 Ky-ripsy Kreme would be delivered at select cities across the country in a special Ky-rispy Kreme truck.

The guys over at Inside The NBA mentioned the donut-inspired sneakers last night and decided that they would also create a food-inspired shoe for Charles Barkley. So what did they do? They took a pair of all-white Nike Air Force 1 Lows and covered one of them in Krispy Kreme donuts and the other in cheeseburgers and Twinkies. It was as funny as it sounds. Watch the video above to get a good laugh. Shaq dubbed them the “Air Force Yums.” Haha..

air force krispy kreme

via: NBA On TNT

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