Jimmy Butler is one of the best NBA players in the game right now and he continues to get better and better every year. Along with other names like Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin, he helps lead the new generation of Jordan Brand athletes.

With Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah departing Chicago this year he’s ready to make the Bulls his team (unless D Wade has something to say about that). Jimmy Buckets is starring in a new commercial/short film for Jordan Brand where he recalls all of the obstacles and adversity that he has had to overcome throughout his NBA career such as getting drafted #30 overall in 2011 and not being offered any scholarships coming out of high school.

The clip above is reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan “Failure” commercial where he mentions how many times he has come up short despite his superstar status.

Be on the lookout for Butler’s video to release in its entirety on July 14.

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