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If you’ve been on social media for the past week or so then you’ve undoubtedly seen the craze that is revolving around the new Pokémon Go game that is played on your phone. The game requires you to go out and explore your city and capture Pokemon. It’s really something that has taken over the lives of anyone from the age of 15-35.

Falling in line with the trend, sneaker customizer Kickasso has done his thing a new pair of Roshe Runs inspired by the new game. The shoes features an all-white mesh upper with a Pokeball graphic by the toe and Pikachu on the heel. If you want to hunt down your Charmander and Cubone in style then you can head over to Kickasso’s site and order your pair now.

via: k_o.brand_kickasso

Author’s Take

I used to watch Pokemon back when I was in elementary school but now that I’m older I no longer like the show/cartoon. It’s crazy to see how many people my age and older are playing this new game though, Great jib by Kicasso on these Pokemon customs. If he would have added some more characters they would have been even better.

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