Heads up NMD fans, you’re soon going to have new options to choose from. adidas is on the brink on releasing a brand new version of the adidas NMD. The major difference on this new model is the fact that the shoe adds a caging system to the upper. Let’s get a first look at the adidas NMD XR1.

Set to release in July, the XR1 features the aforementioned perforated caging system placed on the side panels of the shoes. The upper’s construction appears to remain the same, but the new cage is more than enough to give the shoe a completely different look. The first colorway being displayed comes in a Triple White (all-white) aesthetic, but you can also be sure to expect a plethora of colorway options to choose from once the shoes begins to drop in July. Question.Do you like the NMD with or without a cage? Let us know in the comments below.


via: Modern Notoriety

Author’s Take

I think I prefer the NMD with a cage. I also think a lot of people will be agreeing with me. I can’t wait for these to begin to drop in July.

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