When you’re a “friend of the program”, life tends to throw things your way that us on the outside looking are not usually entitled to. It might be a favor here or there or it could be a perk that makes things just a little bit easier for you. In the case of Jordan Brand, being a friend of their program means being #blessed with exclusive Air Jordans. And I don’t mean the kind that you can buy in stores or even the ones that top athletes like Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul. Nope, I’m talking about one-of-a-kind pairs made just for you, as is the case with singer Anthony Hamilton, who showed off his Chocolate/Gum retros lately to the chagrin and envy of sneakerheads everywhere.

He has shown off the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 5 in a unique colorway that seems better suited for his line of work than on the court. Are these kicks something you would like to release someday?


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