Multicolor kicks are not a brand new concept. We’ve been seeing sneakers that look like something out of a fever dream since the 90s, but they always felt like they were ahead of their time. It wasn’t until Nike introduced the concept in the Flyknit Racer where everything changed. Using patterns and colors that were simply not possible (or just wouldn’t look good) on a regular leather or sythentics-based shoe, the Flyknit material allowed for each shoe to look wholly unique; no two pairs were exactly alike. The 2013 debut iteration of the Multicolor Nike Flyknit Racer was an instant classic and has spawned a pair of sequels since that sneakerheads have thirsted over.

Meanwhile, over at the three stripes, adidas has only recently started to break out of their monochromatic shell when it comes to Ultra Boost colorways. Not that they’ve had a reason to go multicolor, however, because everybody loves the utilitarian look of Ultra Boosts and the versatility of their colorways. But for those who see Primeknit as counter programming to Nike’s Flyknit, we knew then adidas pulled that ace out of their sleeve it would be huge. But they’ve been very conservative in breaking out the Multicolor look, not completely engulfing the shoe in a total kaleidoscopic mess, but rather in bunches.

Two brands. Two totally different approaches to one very popular style. So who takes the crown? Let’s find out in this Multicolor edition of Clash of the Kicks.

Nike Flyknit Racer Multicolor (2016)

Nike Flyknit Racer 3
Nike Flyknit Racer 2
Nike Flyknit Racer 1
Nike Flyknit Racer 4

adidas Ultra Boost Multicolor 2.0

adidas Ultra Boost 7
adidas Ultra Boost
adidas Ultra Boost 1
adidas Ultra Boost 3
adidas Ultra Boost 2
adidas Ultra Boost 4
adidas Ultra Boost 8
adidas Ultra Boost 5
adidas Ultra Boost 6

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