Last week we caught wind of a new Chinese brand that launched known as Uncle Martian. When looking at their logo and their name it was easy to tell that this was a blatant rip-off brand that copied Under Armour.

When Under Armour found out about “Uncle Martian” they claimed that they would be taking action against the Chinese brand for using Under Armour’s “logo, name and other intellectual property.” Uncle Martian has fired back with a pretty ridiculous argument.

“We’re focusing on developing our own brand, and our brand has nothing to do with theirs at all,” Zheng Maoxin, head of the marketing department for Uncle Martian’s parent company said. “I wouldn’t comment on those online rumors. Our brand has been authorized by the Administration for Industry and Commerce, so how does that not count?”

As far as Under Armour contacting Uncle Martian? Well Mr. Maoxin claims that this hasn’t happened yet.

“We haven’t heard from Under Armour yet. They haven’t contacted us about anything.”

We think this is about to get real messy real quick. Stay tuned to Kicks On Fire for more developments on this story.

via: The Wall Street Journal

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