We’re still suffering from a Kobe hangover at the KoF Offices, so of course we’re going to to be talking about what’s next for Mamba and the swoosh in this week’s edition of Buy, Pass, Wait. But there is still some other non-Mamba news to talk about, including the release of a new Nike Air Foamposite Pro in a familiar color scheme, the Elite edition of LeBron and KD’s kicks, an all-white Ultra Boost that might be too pricey for most people and an Air Jordan retro that we’re pretty sure will hit clearance racks and outlet stores soon.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro University Red


Juan Martinez, Editor-In-Chief: (PASS) Take out the swoosh and I might consider it. I’ve always preferred the Foamposite One to the Pro when the colorways are similar except in very specific cases and this isn’t one of them.

Juan Carrillo, News: (PASS) I don’t think I will ever buy pair of Foams. I just can’t get behind the bulkiness and overall look of the shoe. With that being said, the University Red has to be one of the nicer tonal colorways I’ve seen in quite some time, but it still doesn’t take away that it’s being used on a model I don’t like.

Andres Carrillo, News: (PASS) I’ve never been a fan of the Foamposite silhouette no matter if it’s the One or the Pro. However this red and black colorway is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while. The $230 price tag is just too much though. Plus I feel that it would be hard to wear Foams casually.

Renz Ofiaza, News: (BUY) I haven’t purchased this silhouette in a while and it’s one of my favorite basketball sneakers, especially in this colorway. This should garner enough attention for fanatics of the model.

Nike LeBron 13 Elite


EIC Juan: (WAIT) Out of Nike’s Big 3 (sorry, Kyrie), LeBron has been the most consistent when it comes to improving upon the looks of its regular season cousin. The 13 Elite looks to be another solid entry, but if history is any indicator of how these will perform at retail, I expect to see this sit for a while and receive gradual price drops.

News Juan: (PASS) Much better than the non-Elite version, but I still see some similarities stemming from the LeBron 13. Being that I can’t get behind LeBron’s 13th signature shoe, this one will also have to be a pass for me.

Andres: (WAIT) I actually like the LeBron 13 Elite better than the original. The Univeristy Red colorway that just released is my favorite out of the three. $200 is too much, but if they go on sale down the line I may consider buying a pair.

Renz: (WAIT) Between this and the Foamposite Pro, I’ll side with the Pro. Overall, I’m biased towards the colorway though. I like the cleaner makeup of the upper but I can’t agree to that price tag.

Nike KD 8 Elite


EIC Juan: (PASS) If they release a version of the KD 8 Elite without the sleeve, I’m inclined to at least give it a shot. Hopefully they perform on the court as well as Nike is hyping them out to be because there isn’t a whole lot of confidence for these. You know it’s bad when you trend on Twitter and the words “what are those?” are involved.

News Juan: (PASS) Two reasons why I won’t be picking these up:
1. Since this shoe is strictly for basketball, I can’t pick these up since my knees no longer allow me to play the game.
2. My legs are way too big to be messing around with a shoe like this.

Andres: (PASS) This new KD 8 Elite may be a beast on the court, but that high compression sock just kills the entire shoe in my opinion. I’ll just wait for the KD 9.

Renz: (PASS) The model is certainly built for playing bball. I like the application of a calf-length compression sock and the upper’s cleaner design. I’d try it on rather than purchasing.

Porsche Design x adidas Ultra Boost


EIC Juan: (PASS) I need to see them in person. Adding more layers to the Ultra Boost seems totally counter to the whole philosophy of the shoe and this looks to be case from just seeing the preview images. I’m sure they’ll feel great, but I’m not sure about what Porsche brought to the table.

News Juan: (BUY) Pretty solid looking collaboration for the Ultra Boost. I may not be very familiar with the work of Porsche Design, but I can already tell that they know what they’re doing when it comes to designing good looking shoes.

Andres: (PASS) $350???? That’s all I had to see to decide that these are a pass for me. Plus I don’t do all-white Primeknit.

Renz: (WAIT) I like the clean and simplistic design, especially in all-white. If the overlays had a smoother profile, I would’ve liked it even more. I’m just against that steep price tag, but I get it, it’s a collab.

Air Jordan 9 Low Black/White


EIC Juan: (WAIT) It’s a fine colorway for an Air Jordan that looks decent – but not great – as a low-cut. If these get a deep enough price cut I can myself copping a pair but it’s not high on my list of sneaker priorities.

News Juan: (PASS) For the most part, Jordans get a bad rap when done in low-top form. With that being said, I can tolerate the 9 in low top fashion, just not in this colorway. If a better colorway on the Jordan 9 Low arises sometime this year I may pick it up, I just can’t in this colorway.

Andres: (PASS) The Air Jordan 9 is a silhouette I’m not too fond of, and the Low doesn’t make things any better. The colorway on this particular pair is actually nice, but it still doesn’t make me want to buy a pair.

Renz: (WAIT) I’m usually not a fan of the model in this cut, but in this colorway, it’s pretty appealing and versatile. If it was priced a lot lower, I would consider purchasing.

Your Final Words On Kobe Bryant’s Signature Line

EIC Juan: I hope it continues in earnest and isn’t just some nostalgia act. It’s something Kobe has mentioned before, but even if he’s no longer an active player, it would be cool to see him being just as maniacal about making sure his stuff is the most technologically advanced basketball shoe out there. Eric Avar thought he could have a day off, but nope, Mamba stays being crazy. Retros of early Kobes like the Zoom Kobe 1 would be appreciated because my OGs are now a full size too small and short for me, but I’m looking forward to the Kobe 12, 13, 14 and beyond…

News Juan: My hatred for Kobe prohibited me from buying any of his signature shoes. Once I heard he was calling it quits, out of respect I quickly went and ID’d a pair of his Kobe 10s. Although at time his Nike signature line was overlooked in favor of LeBron and KD’s lines, I always thought they were clean looking shoes especially since I’m a big fan of the low-top look. Now that he’s gone from the NBA, I think more people are going to appreciate his shoes even more. Just take a look at how the FTB collection did. Like the saying goes, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Good bye Kobe. I hate you. I respect you. Thanks for the memories.

Andres: Since I really began getting into sneakers a few years ago, I didn’t really know about or appreciate any Kobe shoes say before the Kobe 8 came along. Now that I look at them there’s a few that I would add to my collection. I’ve never bought a Kobe sneaker but I plan to change that when I buy my first pair of Kobe 11s real soon. I also look forward to what Nike and Kobe have planned for the future.

Renz: I’m not really a big Mamba fan (I do appreciate and respect his greatness) but, I haven’t paid attention to Kobe’s signature line of sneakers until recently such as the 8th and onward with Nike. Overall, I really like the simplistic and cleaner build of the 11, but it does resemble its predecessors quite a bit when I look back at the previous designs. It’s funny because I admired his line with adidas even more, especially when The KOBE first came out. I just fell in love with its minimalism. I wonder how the line would’ve progressed after the TWO, if he hadn’t signed with Nike. But, with the Swoosh, my favorites consists of the 10 and 11.

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