Just when you think the adidas Ultra Boost could not get any better, adidas goes on ahead and utilizes a brand new feature on the shoe. One of the few negatives on the Ultra Boost is that it’s kind of hard to wear during wet weather due to the minimal protection Primeknit provides for your. Water tends to go right through this construction. Well, not any more.

This brand new waterproof version of the adidas Ultra Boost has Primeknit construction reinforced with a synthetic mudguard and water-resistant coating placed all across the upper. This will definitely help your feet stay dry during those rainy days. Being that it’s currently Summer, we probably don’t have much use these right now. Come winter time, I’m sure these will be a hot seller.

via: icefuckingfire

Author’s Take

Dope. This new features makes the model wearable all-year-round.

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