Jordan Heads Brooklyn and Globe Brand came together to create this very limited & unique Air Jordan 3 skateboard.

In 1985, the Air Jordan sneaker made its debut on the feet of a man who would change the face of basketball forever. Coincidentally, this changed skate footwear as well.

Pro skaters such as Mark Gonzales & Lance Mountain ripped & shredded in AJ 1’s. For some skaters, later down the line, the Jordan 3, 4 and 5 were the shoes of choice.

This board pays homage to the shoe that was a skaters choice in the Mid 80’s, as well as the early Hip Hop soundtrack that accompanied those times.

There are only 85 decks and 23 completes available worldwide that are all numbered. Check out the additional images below and get your pair today, click here. The retail price tag is set at $85 USD.

Air Jordan 3 Skateboard

Air Jordan 3 Skateboard

Air Jordan 3 Skateboard

Air Jordan 3 Skateboard

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