Though Nike has been dominating the sneaker market for quite some time, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that adidas has making waves in the industry. The majority of that traction can be attributed to the Yeezy Boost models but other general releases such as the Ultra Boost and NMD have helped turn the Three Stripes into a formidable force in sneaker culture. After being named the most “liked” sneaker brand on Instagram last year, it seems like the Herzogenaurach company made quite an impression amongst Reddit users as well according to a recent study by Max Doblin. Over a 30 day period between March and April, he tracked what sneaker brands populated r/Sneakers’ top 50 posts each day and surprisingly (or not) adidas made up 36% of them while rival Nike accounted for 22%. Doblin also broke down the day-to-day trends of popular posts, which showed that adidas was consistently creating buzz even without any Yeezy Boost releases. Check out the full study here.

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